MJ Builders

Quality is key

Quality is important to us, whether it is the materials or the planning for your building works. We will understand your needs and ensure this translates into a well communicated project. We source our materials from the highest quality providers and our expectations of them are as high as yours. We will come to your site with full health and safety accreditation and developed our own rigorous processes, so you can feel assured that we will keep you and us safe.

Bringing dreams to life

MJ Builders have been incorporated since 2010 and pride ourselves on bringing your dreams to life. Our team are experienced and have a background of working for some of the largest building companies in Scotland, so you can be assured that we have the knowledge and skills to build what you want, to the standards you expect.

Our reputation

Our success can only be truly measured by the strength of our reputation. This means that for us every project must go exceptionally well and finished exceptionally well. We want nothing less than for you to enjoy the process and be thrilled with the result. From the moment you engage us at tender until we pack up and leave you in peace to enjoy your property, our entire workforce is committed to making this happen and we take immense pride in delivering what we believe to be outstanding service. The glue that holds it all together is meticulous project management.

To that end you can expect from us the following as standard:

Clear and accurate pricing
Timely and articulate communications
Quality in process and materials
Fairness and transparency
The best craftsmen
Commitment to our clients